Outsource Data Processing Services in India

Data processing involves extraction of crucial information from the source, processing them and presenting it in an easily accessible, digital format. Data processing services are beneficial for many companies, as it allows an effectual approach to retrieve data, while safeguarding them from loss or damage.

SPGS being the leading and reliable data processing services provider in India for 15 years, offer the solutions with high accuracy, cost effectiveness and within a prompt TAT.

SPGS’s data processing services enhance your organization’s productivity, while minimizing operating costs. We have extensive data processing experience and are able to adapt our services to suit any business verticals.

Having attained ISO 27001 certification, we implement strict security protocols, to safeguard your data. We access all the data via FTP or VPN to ensure that no data remains on our system.

SPGS’s data processing service includes:

  • Data deduplication
  • Forms processing
  • Order processing
  • Image processing
  • Data mining
  • Data cleansing
  • Insurance claims processing
  • Litigation services and many more.


1) Single point of contact

Our team ensures that all the input and output information are unified at a single point, so that it can be reliable and can bring the best decisions to keep up the best services. We offer our services at the best price structure; our pricing model allows you to keep your costs in control.

2) Experienced team

SPGS has the foremost experienced team. They use their skills in a productive manner to solve complex tasks with innovative ideas and assist other members to complete the project according to client’s requirement.

3) Domain experts

SPGS deals with both engineering and non-engineering domain projects. Each project received from clients is delivered to the respective domain experts who yield best output that lead to maximum satisfaction of the clients. SPGS is entitled as domain experts in every field they work.

4) Data security

SPGS is ISO 27001 certified and follows stringent rules for data security assuring high level of data security to its clients. It is supported by software, machines and human skills. The machines and software are checked and their results are monitored on a timely basis to ensure there is no threat to data. Unauthorized access to office premises is strictly prohibited. We even sign NDA contract with the client before outsourcing of any product or service.