Digitization of Documents – Are you in need to digitize  several of documents? Then, you are in the right place in terms of expertise , turn around time, and accuracy of the deliverable.

SPgS is digitizing close to  450K documents per month, for our international clients.

SPgS  uses several methods to digitize  and index documents.

We have  digitized several types of documents, including :

  • Historical Data,
  • Medical records,
  • Large format Engineering documents,
  • Cooperate documents,
  • Insurance forms,
  • Military documents,
  • Newspapers
  • Legal documents etc,

The delivery format could be:

.DOC, .XLS, .DOCX, .XLSX, or any other format requested by the client.

Document digitization service – need of the hour

Internet becoming the common platform for communication in all sectors the demand for digital copies of all the documents increased. This is because the digital copies are hard to modify if properly watermarked. The world is moving fast and the processes have tight deadlines hence it becomes easy to share the documents in a click with the digital copies in hand.

Why should you choose SPgS  for your purpose?

The digital copies do not tamper because it differs from the actual hard copies of the document and this may lead to data validity violation. This could be a serious offense in some processes, as the data integrity has not been maintained. Hence, it is important that you collaborate with the most trusted organization that can offer the best document digitization service.

  • We at Stream Perfect Global Services are known for the trust among our customers.
  • We deliver accurate digital formats of the document digitization service.
  • The privacy and integrity of the data, would be maintained .
  • Our services to different customers are kept discrete and treated individually. This gives no chance of mix and match of the documents.
  • The rigorous data security practices followed across different services of our organization has been applauded and appreciated by our beloved customers and they rely on us for their needs, especially in the sector of document digitization service.