Data Analysis Services & Statistical Consulting Services in India

We have been serving wide range of industry vertical include pharmaceutical, life sciences, marketing, banking and financial services, utilities and energy, insurance, consulting and professional firms, logistics for 15 years with our top-notch statistical data analysis services. Our solutions include marketing analytics, big data analytics services, digital analytics, HR analytics, operational analytics, fraud analysis and prediction of future market trends.

The field of statistics influence our lives in several ways. From our daily routines at home to the business that make the greatest cities run, the effect of statistics is observed everywhere.

Statistics is the field of mathematical science that involves the collection of data, analysing of data, interpretation, explanation, reporting the information and finally presentation of immense amount of data to discover the underlying patterns and trends. Statistical methods are practised every day in fields like research, industry and government and their objective is to become more scientific about the decisions that are needed to be made. For example:

  • Researchers make use of statistical data analysis methods to analyse the information or data from the production of vaccines to ensure safety and consistency for keeping us healthy.
  • Communication organizations make use of statistical data analysis methods to develop network resources, enhance services and dwindle customer turnover by acquiring greater insight into benefactor requirements.
  • Government sectors around the world rely on statistical data analysis method to get a thorough understanding of their people, their businesses and their countries.

The main aim of statistical data analysis is to determine the underlying trends. There are two types of statistic methods: descriptive statistics and inferential statistics.

  • Descriptive statistics: A statistic is a number that is obtained from data. Descriptive statistics describe the importance of properties or characteristics of the data that uses measures like mode, median, range, standard deviation etc. this type of statistics is concerned with the description of target population. The data are organized, analysed and summarized in a meaningful and accurate way using graphs, charts and tables.
  • Inferential statistics: Objective of inferential statistics is to derive conclusion from sample and generalize them to population. This method compares, test and predict future outcomes. The final outcome is the probability score. A large number of statistical approaches have been developed to deal with different types of data and develop relationships between them.

The ability to perform statistical data analysis accurately is very important. However, this procedure is complicated, technical and a tedious task that require an in-depth knowledge of different software and technologies. Without right skill sets, completion of statistical data analysis can be difficult, especially if you’re facing a hard time or struggling to meet deadlines.

Are you having a hard time understanding statistical data analysis tests? Then you are the right place.

Everyone is not a mastermind in mathematics, outsourcing statistical data analysis services to SPGS can save your budget, time and effort with a quick TAT delivery of outcomes.

Our proficient statistician team have extensive knowledge and domain expertise across a wide range of industry verticals and deliver exceptional statistical data analysis and programming outcomes within swift TAT.

At SPGS, our statisticians and engineers not only endeavor to present client’s with precise results through data analysis services but also ensure that they get a clear understanding of the results obtained through analytic techniques. Therefore, we offer a summarized explanation of your research results in a simple format.

Our data analysts have experience and expertise in using a wide range of software for statistical data analysis services that include the following:

  • SPSS
  • Excel
  • eViews
  • Stata
  • SAS
  • LaTeX

SPGS’s statistical data analysis tests include:

  • Z-Test
  • T-Test
  • F-Test
  • Chi-Square Test
  • Regression
  • Correlation
  • Spearman’s

We have helped numerous organizations to empower them with practical solutions using analytical modeling tools to resolve complicated business disputes. Most of the organizations have all the requisite data with them but they are unable to employ these data productively due to lack of adequate knowledge. Hence, several companies seek SPGS’s help to tackle massive amount of data and to efficiently convert these data into valuable business insights. Our expertise resolves particular business disputes that benefit the need to deploy statistical and analytical methods that companies are unable to subdue on their own.

We assist marketers, business consultants, and academics by offering solutions, helping them make strategic decision to boon their company performances. Our statisticians have maintained a reputation by being responsive, producing quality deliverables and delivering the same at prompt TAT. We provide full assistance in quantitative and qualitative analysis and help you select the best methods for your business requirements.

Other solutions offered by SPGS are marketing research and statistics, queuing theory, project management, forecasting, database analysis and pricing. We help you in planning cost-effective survey, product portfolio analysis, strategy setting and mapping markets for positioning of products.

Our team is trained in a number of fields such as sampling and sample size calculation, data processing and data preparation and planning for statistical development. To produce outcomes with utmost accuracy, our experts help you in coding the data.

Our data analysts accomplish statistical data analysis programs to validate figures and tables to the client through an independent programming code review. Finally, our team prepares a summarized statistical report as per the client’s requirement stating all the relevant information.


Our experienced skill-sets always on the lookout for invalid vendor payments, and help clients to achieve internal or external audit compliance standards with ease. We focus on increasing customer satisfaction. By catering SPGS’s statistical data analysis services, we make sure that we provide swift and precise services to amend your bottom line.

1) Data quality

We offer customized services at a best price structure meeting all your strategic goals without affecting TAT, quality and accuracy. We strictly adhere to data quality standards and ensures the delivery of final output with impeccable accuracy and quality. Our team ensures that all the input and output information are unified at a single point, so that it can be reliable and can bring the best decisions to keep up the best services.

2) Experienced team

SPGS has the foremost experienced team. They use their skills in a productive manner to solve complex tasks with innovative ideas and assist other members to complete the project according to client’s requirement. Our expert complete large quantities of files within short time period without compromising on the quality and accuracy of services delivered.

3) Domain experts

SPGS deals with both engineering and non-engineering domain projects. Each project received from clients is delivered to the respective domain experts who yield best output that lead to maximum satisfaction of the clients. SPGS is entitled as domain experts in every field they work.

4) Data security

SPGS is ISO 27001 certified and follows stringent rules for data security assuring high level of data security to its clients. It is supported by software, machines and human skills. The machines and software are checked and their results are monitored on a timely basis to ensure there is no threat to data. Unauthorized access to office premises is strictly prohibited. We even sign NDA contract with the client before outsourcing of any product or service.

5) Up-to-date technology

To serve our client with statistical data analysis outcomes as per their needs, we make sure that the most up-to-date and exceptional approach is used for faster and accurate delivery of final results within stipulated time frame.