Get Control of  your plant’s or project’s Unstructured Engineering Information by Metadata Indexing  Service from SPgS.

There are two main types of indexing services we offer for engineering data.

  1. Metadata indexing
  2. Tag relation indexing and classification

When you require any assistance, which involves  data capturing from the contents of engineering drawings and documents, SPgS  team can help you in that.

Trustworthy engineering data and documentation is essential to effective project delivery and safe, efficient operations of plants. However, EPCs and owner operators often struggle to manage large volumes of unstructured, unmanaged information such as documents, drawings, lists, datasheets etc. that exist in multiple formats and locations.

A high percentage of unstructured information exists in most organizations. A vast amount of plant personnel time is spent finding and validating information. A significant majority employees they lack confidence in their ability to find information to support emergency response, which impacts safety.

During Metadata Indexing and QC, SPgS engineers open each drawing / document and capture / validate manually all project specific data from the contents (from all sheets or limited sheets – as per client’s requirements). Sometimes only part of the data is available in the documentation, the missing part is known to the engineer who is interpreting the documentation based on legend or relevance to other contents of the documentation.

SPgS team checks the drawing / document contents and use their human intelligence to analyze the data to meet the minimum indexing requirement and capture the data accordingly. The data is also analyzed and validated through project specific in-house developed data validation applications. SPgS offers the fastest, accurate and cost effective solution for gaining control of unstructured content. It enables users to establish links, extract intelligence and apply structure to unstructured documents and drawings.

SPgS prepares indexed output as per client’s template so that indexed data can be used immediately for loading / updating client’s system.

EPCs deal with huge volumes of unstructured, unintelligent information on revamp projects. SPgS supports EPCs to manage the flood of in-bound documents from subcontractors and suppliers. The indexing allows them to rapidly organize information into a structured handing over package with tag-to-document cross-references. SPgS supports EPCs to create data to supply to owner operator as per their data handover guidelines.

Our Metadata Indexing service is offered to owner operators, EPCs, Data and Document Management System implementation service providers, data management team, IT applications team, IT vendors etc.

Metadata Indexing | Business benefits to clients

  • Rapidly capture, organize and link documents and information.
  • Identify masters and eliminate access to duplicates and outdated revisions.
  • Extract intelligence from documents, even from image files and PDFs.
  • Create links between tags and documents.
  • Correct document relationships and identify missing reference files.
  • Dramatically reduce the time and effort required to find and validate engineering documents.
  • Discover content that would otherwise be hidden.
  • Avoid bad decisions caused by relying on the wrong information.
  • Reduce travel costs and hazards associated with on-facility walk-downs.
  • Increase safety and regulatory compliance by providing timely access to required information.