Tag Indexing for Engineering Documents

Engineering Tag Classification, from SPgS: Drastically reduces time spent looking for Information related a tag and navigation to right data.

Trustworthy engineering data and documentation is essential to effective project delivery and safe, efficient operations of plants. However, EPCs and owner operators struggle to manage large volumes of unstructured, un-managed information such as documents, drawings, lists and datasheets etc. that exist in multiple formats and locations. Searching for the information from such unstructured and un-managed data can be made easy by tag indexing. It is a tag centric approach because tag number is one of unique key which may present in most of the engineering drawing / document.

In an operating plant, engineering tag numbers are well known to respective area employees. Whereas more detail of the tag like where is its datasheet, how is it installed, what are items connected to it, how to isolate it, how to maintain and operate it, what drawings and documents are associated with it etc. are not readily available to them. Tag indexing would enable them get all information about the tag very quickly.

Tag Indexing for Engineering Documents,captures any tags found in each opened drawing / document file and recording the tag numbers against the drawing / document number.

Several automated tools are readily available in the market for capturing tag relationships indexing. However the accuracy of those tools are limited due to poor qualities of some image files, usage of multiple tag alias, difficulty in creating algorithms for creating tag names based on multiple legends. Large percentage of tag names can only be captured by engineers by analytically and logically looking at the contents directly. Therefore SPgS indexes all tags by manually opening each files and go through its contents to prepare tag list and document relationship data. This is to make sure that trustworthy tag relationships data is prepared for the client.

After capturing all valid tag names, the engineering tag classification, process will  begin.

All the tags shall be classified into Equipment, Instrument, Pipe line, Piping Specialty Item, Electrical Equipment etc. or as per client’s requirements. Data validation against equipment list, line list, instrument index etc. is performed if required. Comparing and validating the naming conventions of different tag types is also performed during tag indexing.

Indexed data shall be used load the drawings and documents into Information management system / Engineering data and document management systems like SmartPlant Foundation, ProjectWise  Web based system etc.

Some of the owner operators mandate tag relationships indexed data together with project data handover. In most of the cases they require it in specific excel template or any other database format. Utilizing EPC engineers for the creating such data for the owner operator is going to be an expensive business especially it requires studying and understanding the client’s requirement thoroughly. SPgS is doing this indexing service for long years and SPgS can support EPCs to prepare tag indexed data for them to match with agreed data handover guidelines.

In some cases projects are delivered without / with very limited tag relationships data. Finding documents related to a tag within those deliveries is very difficult and time taking task for the plant employees. SPgS can support owner operator or data management team or IT application team or IT vendors to create their plant specific tag to document relationships data.

Since Tag extraction and engineering tag classification is a complex time consuming process, many companies tend to outsource this to reliable outsourcing partners, such as Stream Perfect Global Services, who are specialized in this domain. Stream Perfect Global Services has a team of experts to furnish specific engineering tag extraction requirements of each customer. Our high accurate engineering tag extraction services are priced competitively.