CCTV remote monitoring services in India

CCTV remote monitoring service from SPgS.

We can help you to prevent crime, before it happens!!! SPgS has an  independent remote CCTV monitoring station, based in Kerala, India.  Our  CCTV monitoring services, gives you  all the benefits of 24/7 protection , at a much lesser cost, compared to a  manned resource at your local area.

Flexible 24/7 CCTV remote monitoring service

We’re always on duty! We never sleep, meaning you can rest easy knowing your property is secure.

Our monitoring services are highly tailored and  customer focused . You will be benefited from the cost effectiveness of our services, helping you to enhance your  and to exceed the  service levels expected by your customers.

Real-Time Protection against Crime and Vandalism

Video security camera monitoring has been proven to be an effective and proactive solution against crime and vandalism. Our security monitoring surveillance specialists alert the authorities as soon as a trespasser enters your property, apprehending them in the process.

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reports

Need to keep track of deliveries, employees or suspicious activity? SPGS  Surveillance Monitoring system will l generate a report with the information you want SPGS will  ensure that, the CCTV remote monitoring service, can generate a full report that can be e-mailed or hosted on our secure server, for your access. Companies have their  warehouses at remote locations, schools & banks have branches at different locations, retail stores, supermarkets, rail, Oil and Energy, ATM,  and many more can be made secure through the 24/7 CCTV remote monitoring service offered by SPgS.

We deliver exceptional quality  remote CCTV monitoring, and our high quality remote surveillance services are utilized by corporate. Our services, will help you to cut down your cost of operations, maximize your income, improve your service offering. Only hardware requirement is an IP  camera and connectivity.

Shifting from traditional video surveillance to a cloud-based solution is a good move. Efficient Industrial  Remote video monitoring  Systems with AI integration. Remote video monitoring system is one of the most important occasions for the entire industrial environment for security  purpose through wireless networking. Wireless monitoring systems are used in many industrial organizations,  for surveillance, monitoring and controlling the industrial operations.

We offer real time  video monitoring of the industrial equipments, with the possible integration of  Artificial Intelligence . The overall system performance is meliorating by using this technique and provides less power consumption, scalability, reliability and cost effective.

We are  happy to assist you, even if it be a single camera or multiple camera installed  your premises.