Best Data Analysis Services in India

Statistics  is the field of mathematical science that involves;

  • Collection of data
  • Analysis of data
  • Interpretation
  • explanation
  • Reporting of information
  • Presentation of data

Professional data management is  an essential component of Statistical Data analysis. During the data collection process, we have to take care of two important error probabilities. The errors, can lead into inaccurate or faulty results and delayed results.

1: Errors that can occur, while we feed data into computers.

2: The digitization process should not take much time and it should be  done quickly with the help of a professional team. otherwise the information can run out-dated and consequently lose its value to policy-makers.

Our Services:

(a)Normalization of the source data.

You  can send us the collected data(this could be  thousands of mailed questionnaires, figures on yearly accident rates for the fifty states etc etc.), may be through FTP, email or using any of the electronic mode of data transfer.

We will digitize the data and  prepare the normalized data set for you. The data set can be delivered in spreadsheet format or migrated into a database or other.

The normalized data can be coded, as per  the scope.

Joint efforts to:

Prepare data dictionary,  or code book

Prepare   data matrix worksheets;

Prepare the  instructions for data extraction and data analysis.

Data Analysis :

Statistical Data Analysis Service


  • SPSS (SPSS: Statistical Package for the Social Science (SPSS) is a highly popular statistical package that can execute complex manipulation and analysis of data. File extensions include *.sav and *.por)
  • SAS: Statistical Analysis System (SAS) is a software suite used for various types of data analysis and management. File extensions include *.sas7bcat, *.sas#bcat and *.xpt.
  • Excel: Microsoft Excel is a well-known spreadsheet file format that uses what is known as the Binary Interchange File Format (BIFF). The file extension is *.xls.

Statistical Tests for Data Analysis

  • Z-Test
  • T-Test
  • F-Test
  • Chi-Square Test
  • Regression
  • Correlation
  • Spearman’s

Presentation of the results.

The presentation of data can be in :

Tabular form

Graphical form.

Below presentations tools are good, to create presentations.

PowerPoint (Microsoft Office software for creating and sharing presentations)

Keynote– Apple iWork software for creating and sharing presentations

Impress- Open-source software available in several versions (Open Office, NeoOffice, etc.) for creating and sharing presentations.

Just to mail us, to know more about the  Statistical Data Analysis Service offered by SPgS.