Multilingual OCR Services: Optical Character Recognition or OCR is the translation of mechanical or electronic data into an automatic machine-editable text. By using OCR techniques we can convert typed, handwritten or printed images into machine encoded text file. This technology enables the users to excerpt all the text from the available images even though it is a photo from a document. Data entry by using Multilingual OCR services is rapid and accurate with effective results. The amelioration of technology has replaced the manual extraction of data in which chances of errors are higher.

Multilingual OCR services technology offers immense experience capable of converting all the text available in images, scanned files or pdf documents. The impressive OCR technique captures the texts from the documents and after processing send them to the database with finest results and whenever we need to retrieve the file we can adopt a simple content searching method by including any of the keywords which we have processed in the file and the document will display our search result, therefore multilingual OCR services  technique saves our valuable time.

Multilingual OCR services assists with specific organization and high productivity. The experienced and trained team of SPGS ensures the quality of the documents that it can be used by the client without hesitation and important information’s are tightly secured which is designed in such a way that  it is uploaded and stored in cloud based system which avoids the chances of digging hundreds of paper files for getting one document.

When it comes to Multilingual OCR services then Stream Perfect Global Services would be the right choice. Now in the 13th year of our business venture we proved to meet international standard with high visibility clients from America, Europe, and Middle East etc. Founded in 2005 our team consist of Consultants, Engineers and Non Engineers. With the help of latest technology we create customized, efficient and cost effective solutions to our clients. Our continuous effort to increase productivity without compromising with efficiency made us the market leaders in business process outsourcing solutions. Our team is given frequent training to move along with the technology so as to produce the best result from each project.

It is a crucial factor that the Multilingual OCR software unified with your document management system is a reliable one which meticulous transformation of the file is displayed with adroit quality. The most essential thing SPGS offers for the clients is that it certitude your business needs with precision which empowers you to have high caliber, dependable reports at specific time frame.

The fast and accurate solution of Multilingual OCR services  supports over different languages, equipping you with the enhanced tools which helps you to tackle any document without any difficulty.


  • Experienced Team

Stream Perfect Global Services includes a group of driving experts with a blend of various foundations and aptitudes. We always provide an unswerving commitment to our clients. Our experienced team always collaborate with the clients throughout the project for consistent excellence.

  • Data Security

Our infrastructure prevents unauthorized access to computers, databases etc. This has been made possible through strong firewalls. Considering the security criteria bio-metric system has also been provided. Separate baggage room prevents the intake of mobile phones and other electronic gadgets to the work area.

  • Ability to process high volume

The continuous monitoring and training given by the managers made our team efficient enough to handle high volume of data. Each staff of Stream Perfect Global Services is handpicked to meet the expectations of the client.

  • Timely Delivery

We strongly believe that a firm can be named successful if they are able to satisfy the clients need on time. Keeping this principle in mind, we trained our each and every staff. Our team thus comes with best result in the given timelines. Our team also put in extra hours of work to complete the venture on time.

So whenever Multilingual OCR comes to your mind then Stream Perfect Global Services is the answer. We can provide you solution with maximum efficiency and at minimum cost. Our expertise is available 24×7 to satisfy your business needs. So what waiting for, give us a quote and lets join our hands to create another successful project.