Translation of documents in today’s world is not just a need but a necessity. It is essential in all global organizations including Industrial, Commercial, Academic, Political and Creative. Most documents are transferred in compacted PDF and ZIP versions for easy access or due to poor connectivity issues. These documents can prove to be difficult to convert before they can be translated into a readable format. You do not have to spend an eternity converting documents before you hire a translator. We provide supreme quality document conversion for translation services for your organization to avoid unnecessary hassle for you.


Document translation can have several uses in modern business. It is impossible to live in isolation in order to do good business. Documents in Indian regional languages have to be converted to foreign languages in order to reach a wider and more worldwide audience or clientele. Some document conversion for translation services we have been hired for are listed below.


  • Medical documentation like medical records, reports, pharmaceutical information etc.
  • Legal documentation like court orders, patents, agreements, contracts and other legal files.
  • Financial documents like business plans, bank statements and company prospectus.
  • Academic documents like thesis, textbooks, and reference books.
  • Educational documents like degrees, mark sheets and transcripts.
  • Literary documents like books, magazines, newspapers, periodicals etc.
  • Marketing documents like brochures, print and media advertising, flyers etc.
  • Personal documents like letters, wills, birth and death certificates, marriage and divorce papers etc.
  • Digital documents like PDF files, website content, blog posts, emails and other communication.

At Stream Perfect Global Services, we follow a set process for Document conversion for translation in order to maintain our high standards. The steps we use from document conversion are as follows.

Pre-Processing: Our translators evaluate the documents at hand to determine the amount of time and costing. We carefully perform an initial inspection in order to send it to the appropriate language specialist to ensure smooth translation.

Formatting: Our linguists convert the documents into the necessary formats either manually or electronically depending on the needs of document conversion for translation. PDF documents are converted to word formats through OCR and other modern technologies.

Document Conversion: The documents are carefully converted either manually by our linguists word-for-word or computerized through the efficient document translation software we possess. The conversions are done keeping in mind the language nuances and it is ensured that no meaning is lost during the conversion process.

Post-Processing: Our linguists carefully peruse each document to correct any mistakes and assure the highest quality in translation. Nothing goes amiss through the carefully trained eyes of our proofreaders. The files are also tested for compatibility and readability on the clients desired formats.

After Service Support: Any complaints or redressals are met with as soon as possible after the service. We offer complete guarantee and hope to achieve 100% client satisfaction.


When you work with Stream Perfect Global Solutions, you can be assured of excellence. Our linguists and proofreaders are hired after stringent quality checks and testing. The competency of our workforce is unrivalled in the industry. Our Linguists are multilingual and we try to hire as many native speakers as possible for document conversion for translation to assure that your documents are translated by the locals. They are highly educationally qualified and possess superior language skills. All our employees have to sit for a language testing process to guarantee efficiency. We have divided our staff into different departments according to their area of expertise so that you do not have an academic translator translating a legal document.


When it comes to Document conversion for translation, Stream Perfect Global Services is the most obvious choice. We offer high-grade translation services for a fraction of the cost you will get anywhere. We have the capacity to take both small and large volumes of data for conversion. The quality of work remains the same even for the smallest of assignments. Our proficient team delivers extremely large volumes of data in a time-bound manner. We put in extra hours at our end at no extra cost to you to deliver rush orders exactly when you need it. We make sure that your documents are handled by specialized experts who can do justice to the technicality during the translation process.


Whenever the question of document conversion for translation arises, we are the answer! Take us along on your path to success for a smooth sailing journey! We can help you cut down your overhead costs to a minimum and reduce your workload by a fraction with our services. Call now to get a free quote and document evaluation!