Document Indexing Service India

Get Control of Your Plant’s or Project’s Unstructured Engineering Information

For a better information management, companies require combination of work process and technology that gets the right information to the right people at the right time. Modern technology has enabled many creative work processes that weren’t practical before. Digitization of drawing / document has become very easy now. But to search within thousands of digitized documentations and finding right information, it requires metadata indexing. After indexing the engineering drawings and documents, users would be able easily find what they need from what they know (e.g. Description, document number, type of document, others properties / attributes).

Engineering Metadata is an index of information that is present in engineering drawing / document.  Metadata extraction is a task that requires both skill and experience equally. Only an industry expert engineer can extract metadata in an efficient manner with utmost accuracy.

At Stream Perfect Global Services, Metadata extraction is handled by engineers with many years of industry experience abroad, especially in the Middle East. Even though we adhere to international standards in our processing, we also provide customization as per client specific requirements. Competent quality policy together with multiple levels of quality checks helped us to attain an accuracy level of up to 99.95%.

Our metadata extraction process also includes enhancing the data, based on multiple contents. For each file, identification of data like plant, unit, discipline, documentation type etc. shall also be part of indexing even if they are not readily available.  Data validation against any other existing index can be performed as per client’s requirements. Comparing and validating the naming conventions of drawing numbers, document numbers etc shall also be performed during metadata indexing.

Following are current state of engineering information in many project deliveries or in old plants where data were delivered long back.

  • Unintelligent formats such as scanned documents, PDFs, and images
  • Duplicated documents scattered across multiple, often unofficial storage locations
  • Lack of integration and linking between information assets
  • No validation of the quality of information

Such unstructured information poses significant challenges to the efficient execution of operations, maintenance, and reliability work processes within operating plants. Indexing is the solution to overcome these challenges.

By metadata indexing user would be able to locate right document within few clicks. Drawing / Document number, sheet number, revision, title / description, status, plant, area / unit, engineering discipline, documentation type within discipline etc. shall be captured without any spelling mistakes. It is common that very short description is provided in title block or cover sheet, in that case the title / description are captured by combining data from other areas to give meaning title to drawing or document. Data can be enhanced as per clients requirements.

Indexed metadata shall be used load the drawings and documents into Information management system / Engineering data and document management systems like SmartPlant Foundation, ProjectWise  Web based system etc. Once indexed data is loaded into the system, users would be able to find them very easily and quickly.

During plant project data delivery, some of the owner operators mandate filled in metadata / attributes together with data handover. In most of the cases they require it in specific excel template or any other database format. Utilizing EPC engineers for the creating such data for the owner operator is going to be an expensive business especially it requires studying and understanding the client’s requirement thoroughly. SPGS is doing this indexing service for long years and SPGS can support EPCs to prepare metadata for them to match with agreed data handover guidelines.

In some cases projects are delivered without document registers / without index. Finding information within those deliveries is very difficult and time taking task for the plant employees. SPGS can support owner operator or data management team or IT application team or IT vendors to create their plant specific metadata for them.

Document Indexing Service India