Data Extraction Service India

You probably may be  interested in data extraction services, but have no idea where to get started? Let us take you through some of our processes and the immeasurable benefits a good data extraction company can provide.

There are two major ways in which we do data extraction. One is logical & other is Physical. They have further subdivision. Lets deep dive into the concepts:

Logical data extraction: We do it in two ways:

  • Full Extraction: This is comprehensive data extraction & is useful for the first time extraction of the data. It squeezes out smallest data point from the sources links.
  • Incremental Extraction:  Incremental extraction is done over the source data to study the changes occurred since the last source data extraction. In another method, deviation of current extraction from the past extraction is noted by doing full extraction in every run.

Physical Extraction: We do physical extraction of data in two ways:

  • Online Extraction: Online data extraction is done by connecting the source data directly with the extraction process.
  • Offline Extraction:  In offline extraction, data is first put into a flat file outside the source system. Afterwards data is extracted from that file.  The file could be prepared using a daily activity. The frequency is set as per client requirement.

Previously web data was used to be extracted using software known as “wrapper”. The wrapper had to be developed for each website separately to extract the data. That was a painful & unproductive activity that used to eat up immense time. The above cons of wrapper led to the birth of powerful web data extraction applications which companies like ours use. Our applications use scripting language which is customizable for all kinds of businesses.

When you look for data extractions services, look for end to end service provider. Be sure to check if the company provides a comprehensive basket. If web data extraction is your requirement, you must look for:

  • Web content extraction: It includes order data, user data, price lists and industry information from web pages and existing documents for strategic decisions on product mix
  • Web usage: It goes one level further and extracts even what is not seen. It enters the server logs and gives meta tags, URLs and contact information from web for competition mapping and promotional activities.
  • Web structure: It is a higher level of extraction which requires expertise in drawing conclusions from links established between people and pages. Each link and the chain of links that follows through is extracted to form meaningful information.


A good data extraction services can generate valuable business leads for sustainable business. We have commendable experience in this domain and can guide you further with specific and customized plans.

Where to look for Data Extraction Service India?

Businesses are increasingly realizing that the gap between data and information is widening with lack of data extraction techniques. Don’t worry it’s not nearly impossible to find solution for this or to find a good Data Extraction Service India.

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